iOS 5 Not Compatible with iPhone 3GS Claims Murtazin

As most of the iOS faithful will know, Apple will spit out the details of their latest operating system, iOS 5 in June during the WWDC event, and apparently for owners of the iPhone 3GS you shouldn’t be getting your hopes up for a slice of iOS 5 as apparently the iPhone 3GS will not be upgraded to the new OS.

According to an article on Slash Gear by way of Macstories, Mobile Review editor and analysts Eldar Murtazin said via Twitter that the iPhone 3GS wont be compatible with iOS 5 but will be with the iPhone 4.

Murtazin tweeted… “Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3Gs wont be upgradable to iOS 5.x. iPhone 4 will.”

Murtazin hasn’t offered any evidence to his claim but in the past has been reasonably accurate when tweeting, including the Microsoft, Nokia Windows Phone deal and details concerning the Nokia N8, so even though Murtazin hasn’t offered any supporting evidence he could be right.

Having said that, as you know, with all things Apple, the world only gets to know the real deal when Apple decided to let it know, so this should like most be treated as rumour for the moment. But would the iPhone 3GS not gaining iOS 5 upset iPhone 3GS owners?

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