Top 5 Windows 7 Phones: Weigh Your Options

If you are thinking about buying a Windows 7 phone, you will need to weigh your options. Are you an avid texter? Do you often use your phone’s camera? Do you prefer a QWERTY keyboard with physical buttons or would you rather use a touchscreen? Here are the top five Windows 7 phones.

Below you will see the ‘Top 5’ WP7 mobile phones and just to give you that little extra just click on the phone titles for more information and many other articles about each device. The top 5, Windows Phone 7 handsets were put together by guest writer Steven Farrell, please read more about him below this article. Thanks.

Dell Venue Pro

This smartphone, which runs on a 1GHz processor, runs smoothly. It has a large display and the keyboard is comfortable. It also comes with an FM radio tuner and has both a touchscreen keyboard and a slide-out keyboard. Additionally, it is a sturdy phone and if you do not mind its bulkiness, it is a quality purchase.

HTC Arrive

This is the first Windows 7 phone that has the cut-and-paste feature. It also has a tilting screen, which can be handy in the sunlight or grocery store. Its QWERTY keyboard slides open sideways and it has a decent battery life. If you send a lot of emails and text messages, this is a great phone.


This phone has a solid build and a built-in kickstand. It comes with a 5-megapixel camera and a large touchscreen. The HTC HD7, although large, is thin enough to slip into your pocket. It can even read ebooks as long as you have the Amazon Kindle app. It also has a larger keyboard for faster typing.

LG Quantum

Equipped with 10 free apps, the LG Quantum has HD video capture. It is equipped with a large keyboard, which is good if you text a lot. The LG Quantum is very sensitive to touch and has a quick reaction time. It has hardy hardware, a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a soft finish. The edges are curved, which makes it easier to hold than many other phones.

Samsung Focus

This smartphone is ideal for consumers that are looking for something comparable to the iPhone or Android. It is the slimmest Windows 7 phone to date. Having a sleek design, the Samsung Focus has a very big 4? Super AMOLED touchscreen. It also takes fantastic video and photos.

While other Windows 7 phones do not have expandable storage, this smartphone has a micro SD slot so you can add the extra space that you need.

There are some great characteristics that span all Windows 7 phones. For example, they are all capable of pinning your favourite radio stations, webpages and games to the Start screen and they all have a voice command that is activated when you press the Start button. In the end, though, it is up to you to choose which features you want in a Windows 7 phone.

Steven Farrell is the administrator of ReversePhoneLookup.org

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