RIM Dying A Slow Death in Smartphone Market

This is a question that needs answering; do you think RIM is dying a slow death in the smartphone market? Research in Motion is not releasing any innovative and groundbreaking smartphones of late and this is killing them in the smartphone sector.

RIM does have some wonderful BlackBerry smartphones but nothing compared to the likes of Apple and Android, and this is becoming a big worry for its market. They are slowly losing its ground with the mobile phone market, they seem to be doing well in the tablet sector but when it comes to the smartphone sector that is another story.

Boy Genius Reports mentions via a quote via analyst Matthew Robison saying “We no longer anticipate Research in Motion recovering to participate in the mainstream of smartphone industry growth,” “Our long-term forecast anticipates a role supplying business-oriented devices, both mid-range and high-end, as well as cloud-based services via the BlackBerry Network,”

RIM do have a good business sector following, but is this enough? The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device is doing very well, but we would like to hear from our readers if they have purchased this tablet PC. Selling tablets is great for the business but they really need to start thinking out of the box and release a few decent smartphones that gets consumers exited.

If RIM continues the way they are, and then you may as well say its smartphone business will die a slow painful death, please let us know what you think of the above.

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5 thoughts on “RIM Dying A Slow Death in Smartphone Market”

  1. Anthony D Arnett says:

    I have a Blackberry 9700 which I love dearly, but would like to see more of a selection from RIM. I am currently looking for a replacement for my wife, a little torn between HTC and Blackberry. If I had to chose right now the HTC would win out because it is for her. As for me I will give RIM one more shot, because I really am holding out for the 10″ playbook. Would like to see how it interacts with blackberry phones.

  2. Anonymous says:

    RIM serves the corporate market. It reflects this in it’s less than exciting but reliable brand. It is what IBM is and has been. If you need reliability versus glamour apps. business’s invest in product life cyles and cost of ownership. I have a Thinkpad. It takes a lot of abuse, has a great keyboard and I need it to last, more than a few years with no repairs. Black is no longer beautiful; just functional in a fashion and landfill driven consumer market.

  3. Serg says:

    Man RIM is dying. Considering Apple is purchasing companies that are leading edge and with the huge successes it has and will be experiencing with IPAD 3 and IPHONE 5, I’m sure they are well on their way to being a $Trillion Dollar company. RIM is boring, has old style phones. Who has plastic buttons on phones nowadays? In addition, two CEOs who dont agree on certain issues – no other company has two CEOs. RIM should just get out of the phone market and focus on business before Apple does that too. It’s a no brainer. Things just happen – enough with the analysis. RIN has lost it’s sex appeal.

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