E3 2011 Conference: Mobile Games for Windows Phone 7

The E3 2011 Conference kicks off on June 7 rolling through to the 9th and it looks promising that Microsoft will unveil new mobile games for the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

Microsoft have been full at it trying to get developers and consumers to love the Windows Phone 7 operating system rather than the more popular Android and iOS platform, so to see mobile games for the WP7 platform would be inviting to say the least.

At the E3 Conference apps and mobile games will be revealed, WMPowerUser have reported that Ska Studios an independent game developer for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform, will reveal mystery surprises at the E3 event for gamers.

Announcements such as controlling Xbox 360 games via the Windows Phone may be in the pipeline, fingers crossed as they say.

Other than what we have mentioned above there is nothing else to go on at the moment, please keep coming back because we will be revealing much more news as soon as we know more.

Source – ITProPortal