iPhone 4S Devices Spotted In Australia?

Although the word is the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 if you wish to call it wont be popping up at WWDC 2011 in San Francisco next week, it appears that the word is the iPhone 4S has been spotted in Australia, apparently heading for Sydney, although of course there is no real conformation of this and is based on a single tweet on Twitter.

According to iPhone Download Blog by way of Oaggle, Twitter user @SebastianPeek tweeted that an unnamed ‘contact’ saw a vehicle which contained iPhone 4S prototypes heading for Sydney, Australia, and the reason the contact know they were iPhone 4S units was because they have silver backs.

Apparently @SebastianPeek further tweeted later that “My previous tweet wasn’t a joke. Legitimate.” Apparently Oaggle contacted Peek and Peek claimed that a person offered to buy one of the iPhone 4S handsets for 1500 bucks, but apparently the courier refused due to there only being two aboard.

Have to say this is probably a hoax as have would anyone discover 2 iPhone 4S handsets inside a truck as one would expect the iOS devices to be fairly secured so no one would be able to recognise them, and then one has to ask the question, why would they be headed for Sydney? Any ideas?