Microsoft Windows 8 Influenced by Apple iPad and App Store

Microsoft has now delivered a preview of their new Windows 8 operating system, an OS that should be just as at home on tablets as on a desktop, and apparently draws from their mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 with its tile based appearance.

According to the guys over at Macrumors, and by way of AllthingsD, apparently Windows 8 has been said to be influenced by the Apple iPad, meaning it will “scale from touch screen devices to desktop,” and apparently there is a prominent store link that intimates that Microsoft will deliver a Windows App store similar to the Apple App Store.

Apparently Windows 8 will support 2 types of apps, the classic Windows app and the HTML5/Javascript app that appear to look like full screen mobile apps. Apparently Microsoft has said that although the interface has been optimised for touch devices it should work just as easily with a keyboard and mouse.

As we know, Apple will also be unveiling new operating systems iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011 next week, but as yet Microsoft has not stated just when Windows 8 will probably see the light of day.