Apple iOS 5 Official Update via WWDC 2011

WWDC 2011 is now underway and we have the official news covering the new Apple iOS 5, Scott Forstall is revealing all about the latest operating system and we will let you know what we know so far.

We will let you know what we know so far, please keep coming back and refreshing the home page as this is going to be a massive night, in fact join us on Facebook or Twitter for instant updates.

One of the first features is the new Notification Center; this will give the user an amazing user experience allowing the user to aggregate notifications into one. All you will need to do is swiping down a menu from the top of the screen (Similar to Android OS then).

There will be a small ‘X’ button next to each note allowing you to dismiss the notification, there will be notifications on the lockscreen, and if you swipe across a text message it will take you directly to it.

The iOS 5 will have Twitter integration, featuring a single sign-in; keep coming back as we will have plenty of iOS 5 and WWDC 2011 news articles to come. Just go to our homepage here and click the refresh button.

Source – Engadget

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