Apple iPad 2 Secrets Revealed By Intel

The Apple iPad 2 is quite a successful tablet for Apple even though the iOS tablet doesn’t sport the speediest hardware in the tablet arena, but apparently the guys of Intel believe that have discovered just why the Apple iPad 2 is so successful.

According to an article over on Itproportal by way of Techradar, the guys were shown a single core Intel Atom tablet from last year that apparently provides the same type of user experience as Apple’s second-generation iOS tablet with a couple of tweaks that apparently will make Intel based tablets better.

So they found that a “good user experience” needs a display refresh rate of a minimum of 60Hz rather than the current universal rate of 30Hz, but doing this need significant bandwidth and is made more acute by Microsoft OS uses a pixel depth of 7 while iOS uses 4.

Apparently Apple knows that user experience is the be all and end all and Intel has only just realised this. Another thing they noticed is, is that the Apple iPad 2 has a reaction time of about 15ms, while Windows OS usually hovers near 200ms due to waiting to see if another click is forthcoming.

So what does this mean? Well apparently World-wide Benchmarking manager, Matt Dunford states… “There were some things in the OS that were limiting Atom from achieving its potential.” Basically this means that Intel will incorporate those Apple iPad 2 secrets they have found into Meego to improve user experience.