WWDC 2011 Live Keynote Blog, World Times

Today is the day when WWDC 2011 keynote begins; we thought we would let you know about a live blog and the world times of the event.

Today Steve Jobs will reveal all covering the iOS 5, OS X Lion and iCloud amongst other things; Engadget will be doing a live blog with the news via this event live. We will be writing many articles covering all the announcements, features, what is new and of course what was missed out.

The World Wide Times When It Begins: Hawaii 07:00AM, Pacific 10:00AM, Mountain 11:00AM, Central 12:00PM, at 01:00PM in Eastern, London it will start at 06:00PM, Paris at 07:00PM, Moscow 09:00PM, Tokyo will be June 7th at 02:00AM.

Join us here on Phones Review via Facebook or Twitter, as we will be covering all the news as it comes in.

The iPhone 5 will not be announced today according to reports, but we always say, “Do not count it out”; Apple always and we mean ALWAYS throws something special into the mix. Steve Jobs has put medical leave on hold to be at the event (Read more here).

Recap News: Read our article titled “WWDC 2011 Boring, No iPhone 5 Madness”, see what we have to say on this matter and check out the poll results. People are already queuing up waiting to enter the Event of the year and you may love the news on iOS 5 notification leak. Please read our very own James article about why the iPhone 5 will not make an appearance today.