Amazon Offer HP Veer 4G In White On AT&T for $0.01

If you are still looking for a somewhat miniscule smartphone and don’t really want to hand over a large amount of cash for the device, if you don’t mind WebOS you might like to know that you can now grab the HP Veer 4G for a very attractive price from Amazon.

According to the guys over at Unwired View and by way of Pre Central, if you hit up Amazon as of now you will find that the webOS HP Veer 4G is being offered for just $0.01 for the white version and based on a contract with AT&T.

Of course that single cent price means you have to pen your moniker to a 2-year agreement with AT&T, maybe you could pick one up for the lady in your life as the HP Veer 4G isn’t really made for people with large hands.

Spec reminder for the HP Veer 4G…2.6-inch capacitive touch screen, quad-band GSM/EDGE, tri-band 3G, slide out QWERTY keyboard, 800 MHz processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and measures 3.31 x 2.15 x 0.6 inches with a weight of 3.63 ounces…anyone tempted to snap up the white HP Veer for a cent?

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