Apple iCloud Live in iPhone App Store Updates: Click Purchased

We have checked our iPhone for any updates and came across the new Apple iCloud in the App Store, it is now live and ready to use the cloud system.

If you visit your App Store on your iPhone and then click ‘Updates’, you will notice and tab at the top saying ‘Purchased’, tap this and you will see two tabs, one saying ‘All’ and the other saying ‘Not On This iPhone’.

This is a fantastic feature because it shows you all the apps you have in your history, its shows all your apps that you have ever downloaded with your account. Ones that are NOT installed on your device will show a cloud icon, all you need to do is click on this and it will give you the option if you want to install or not.

We have this on our iPhone 4; please let us know if it is showing up on your iPhone. This is brilliant as it saves time going to iTunes and syncing.

Image via Engadget


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