Dash Diet app for iPhone, best food plan

Those that would like to learn more about the Dash Diet, may like to read on as we have the MyDASHDiet iOS app for iPhone. This is the best food plan now available for your smartphone.

The DASH Diet app will allow users to use their specific caloric profile, Set your own Sodium Reduction strategy to achieve maximum blood pressure reduction benefit, you can also track daily recommended DASH servings and keep a history of your food intake, View a daily summary of your consumed nutrition to help guide future food choices and even Utilize the simple “Quick Add” feature to add multiple servings for on-the-go tracking without entering new food.

Other features include the likes of monitoring nutrients important to the DASH diet such as sodium and fat, create and manage your own library of food Servings, modify entries for reduced or oversized servings, track and record blood pressure readings to gauge your progress plus so much more.

This app will support earlier iPhone 3.1.3+ OS, has cool options in Setting App preferences for customizing MyDASHDiet, nutrition Facts gram markings in edit mode, supports metric units in profile and also features flip animation to Profile when editing, and much more. The list goes on.

For more in-depth information please visit iTunes right now and download, there are many more features with the Dash Diet app for iPhone. The best food plan is on MyDASHDiet.

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