E3 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Cracking Sands game, video

Sony Ericsson has been very busy at E3, announcing new games for the Xperia Play gaming smartphone. One of these games is called, ‘Cracking Sands’ by Polarbit.

E3 Sony Ericsson at the gaming Expo announced the new game Cracking Sands, which is a fast paced action racing game. The desert racer for the Xperia Play features many vehicles with big guns and lunatics.

Other features include downloadable extra tracks, fully customisable karts, Facebook integration and ghost racing, for more information please watch, the YouTube video via PockettVideogames, provided below of the game in action.

You can find more information via the Sony Ericsson Blog or @xperiagames; we would love to know what you think of the new Cracking Sands game. No release date has been set yet, we will let you know fairly soon.

A little titillation, Sony Ericsson has something very interesting coming soon featuring Princess Amira. The princess will apparently be avenging the death of her parents and regain her desert kingdom, take a look at her below. Do not forget the Cracking Sands game below her now.