Developers prefer Google Android not Apple iOS: The Stats

Apparently Google Android is more popular that Apple iOS when it comes to developers building apps. More devs are coding Android apps than iOS apps according to a report by Bluevia and Vision Mobile.

This latest news comes via the Inquirer, and a new study “Developer Economics 2011” shows that the Android system is being coded by 67 per cent of developers, which is up a massive 59 per cent in 2010. The iOS system only gets 59 per cent of developers, but this is up a good 50 per cent from last year.

Companies such as Microsoft with its Windows Phone 7 has fallen from 39 per cent to 36 per cent, not looking good at the moment for them is it? Apple at the moment has over 400,000 apps and Android has somewhere around the 176,000, now looking at the above figures it stands to reason why developers are rushing off and leaving Apple in favour of Android, it is all down to expanding into new fields of interest.

Apps are taking over all smartphones, tablets and much more and developers like to broaden their horizons, Android is more popular to developers because Android is growing from strength to strength, do not count Apple out though because they are the majority app holders.

Please let us know what you think of the above stats, if you are a developer please let us know what platform you prefer the most. Thanks

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