Motorola To Ditch MotoBlur, Only In Name Though

Okay, apparently there’s something about Motorola’s MotoBlur that users don’t like, and apparently users were quite pleased that Motorola was considering dropping MotoBlur, but unfortunately it isn’t quite what users expected as all that is changing if the MotoBlur name.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, buy way of Engadget, a spokesperson for Motorola has confirmed that Motorola will be changing the name of MotoBlur and elements of MotoBlur will still be found on future Android handsets but without being called MotoBlur.

Apparently the reason Motorola has decided to ditch the MotoBlur name is due to public feedback. So although MotoBlur will be no more, it will still be but under another guise.

Thus those Android users hoping against hope that Motorola would finally get rid of the UI will still be stuck with it, and to be honest MotorBlur under any other name will probably still be MotoBlur and no doubt the only way to ditch the user interface will be to root your smartphone.

Anyone have any idea what Motorola could rename MotoBlur…keep you suggestions clean please.

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