Android API Support, Porting its Apps to Windows Phones

When it comes to platforms, you would think Android and Windows Phone 7 competition would be fierce, well not in this case because Microsoft is challenging developers to port Android apps across to Windows Phones.

It stands to reason in one sense, because a new API mapping tool was made to translate iPhone APIs to WP7 code, now the extension is heading for the mapping tool to work with Android APIs as well.

Microsoft has announced the new Android support to its API, and customers can read the “Windows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers”, they are also publishing a new white paper that as well. Read more via the Windows Team Blog

This is a big movement for programmers to move their apps to the new Windows Phone platform, at the moment there is around about 20,000 apps available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, this is only a ballpark figure as exact numbers are not know, but it is creeping up slowly.

Microsoft is planning all sorts of new features to its system; one of these new features includes the expansion of the API Mapping tool and including the likes of Mango into the API Mapping tool. Big things are coming so please stay tuned.

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Source – ZDnet via Engadget

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