iOS 5 Notification Center System Stats Widget Created

What Apple doesn’t offer the iOS faithful you can be fairly sure the jailbreak community will at some point, and it looks like they are doing the same with Apple’s new iOS 5 with the creation of a new custom widget called SpringPrefs.

According to an article over on iPhone Hacks and by way of Redmond Pie, the SpringPrefs widget created by @GreySyntax delivers a bundle of stats to the iOS 5 Notification Center.

The SpringPrefs widget delivers access to such info as data IPs, WiFi, load average, free RAM, uptime, and iOS version number and all through the Notification Center in the new iOS on your iPhone and Apple iPad.

Apparently as the new widget is integrated into Notification Center users should be able to access all the above info from any app by just one swipe. However apparently those that want to take advantage of SpringPrefs will have a little wait as the developer has stated he wont release the jailbreak tweak until after iOS 5 is officially released, and they presumably to Cydia.

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