Apple and Samsung Execs In Lawsuit Covert Negotiations

Although Apple is after Samsung blood over alleged patent infringement and Samsung wants a pint of Apple’s blood in the form of the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3, it appears this legal battle isn’t a full on bloodbath just yet as word is Apple and Samsung execs are in covert talks about the situation.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, Reuters is reporting that Apple and Samsung high level executive are in secret talks and that word of these secret talks came about when Judge Lucy Koh asked why Apple and Samsung simply just can’t “all get along.”

Apparently the judge told Apple and Samsung lawyers, “I will send you with a box of chocolates, whatever.”

In reply to Judge Lucy Koh, one of Apple’s legal bods, Harold McElhinny apparently confirmed that the matter had been a topic of ongoing discussion with high-level execs at both firms, and also confirmed “they are in fact meeting and talking.”

As usual though and probably expected both Samsung and Apple wouldn’t comment on whether these secret negotiations were going on.

Seem to me that it’s a good move by both companies if they can sort out their differences out of court and wouldn’t it be grand is a box of chocolates could actually end the dispute?

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