iPhone 5 Apparently Coming in August A Major Update

Well earlier I posted an article concerning the speculation that the iPhone 5 would release in September, however apparently the word doing the net round now is that the next generation iOS smartphone may well make an appearance sometime in August, if of course “sources” are correct and are to be believed.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, they have “independently confirmed” that the iPhone 5 will not just be an upgraded iPhone 4 but rather a “reliable source” of the unnamed variety of course, has said we should expect a “radical new case design” for the next iPhone.

As for that all-important iPhone 5 release date, the source has indicated Apple could hold an event at the beginning or middle of August to announce the highly anticipated device and release the smartphone the last week of the month.

Apparently the guys are not too sure if this would mean Apple’s iPod event being shifted forward a tad or if the iPhone 5 will command its own special event.

Of course one does have to say that “reliable sources” can at time get it completely wrong, and as I keep on saying, Apple will only release the iPhone 5 when they are good and ready, do for now don’t go getting your hopes up.

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