iPhone 4 Wanted, Price Offered, Virginity?

Okay, we all know just how loved the iPhone 4 is by the iOS faithful, but just how far should someone be prepared to go to acquire the iPhone 4? For example would you offer your virginity to get the iPhone 4? No, but apparently someone is prepared to offer that price in order to own the iOS smartphone.

According to the guys over at iPhone Download Blog, apparently The Korean Herald is running an article that has a young Chinese woman has posted an advert wanting the iPhone 4, in exchange for her virginity.

Apparently the young girl posted the advert along with an image of herself on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, where apparently the girl states that her dream is to own an iPhone 4 but her father will not let her have one.

We’ve already heard about a boy swapping his kidney for the Apple iPad 2, and now this, although apparently the advert has received negative feedback, and some believe the girl’s account is being used for some kind of prank.

Makes you wonder what it is with Apple gear that makes the younger generation appear to go to extraordinary lengths to gain a device, as I’m fairly sure none of Apple’s gear is really worth such an unusual offer. Would you go to unusual lengths to gain a smartphone?

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