Apple iPad 2 May Cause Production Problems for Amazon Tablet

As most are aware, Amazon is looking to make the jump into the tablet space and push out their first Amazon branded tablet, which it is presumed will be an Android slate, and is also looking at delivering several more tablets along with an Amazon smartphone at some point in the game. But apparently Amazon may face a few problems getting components for the tablet because of the Apple iPad 2.

Virtually everyone in the mobile tech space turns to Taiwan for component supplies whether that be for smartphones, tablets or PCs, and according to the guys over at Apple Insider, on Thursday DigiTimes reported that Amazon may have a bit of a hard time getting components from Taiwanese manufacturers due to Apple commanding most of the available tablet production capacity for their iOS tablet.

The word is that Amazon has had talks with touch panel makers J Touch, HannStar Display, Wintek and TPK Holdings and Amazon might place touch screen tablet orders with said manufacturers, but Wintek who make the touch screen panels for the Apple iPad have already said that their production schedule will be tight in the 2nd half of the year, which means it might be a tad difficult to deliver orders for an Amazon tablet.

Furthermore according to unnamed sources, TPK, again a major supplier to Apple of touch panels for their iOS tablet has apparently “been reluctant to make a commitment to supplying touch panels to Amazon on concerns of capacity,” however TPK refused to comment on the matter.

So basically Amazon could possibly face a bit of a tough time getting suppliers to make their tablets because Apple is basically commanding most of the attention when it comes to tablet production. Having said that, no doubt Amazon will find a way round the problem if said manufacturers can’t fulfil or even accept orders, as lets face it Apple isn’t the only tablet maker out there and other Android tablets seem to be doing just fine getting their tablet devices produced.

I know the Apple iPad 2 is a huge success with Apple huge fan base all wanting the iOS slate, but there are other tablets out there that are almost just as successful, especially on the Android platform, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, and Asus Eee Pad Transformer to name just two, and as the Amazon tablet will be using the Android platform then I’m sure there wont be too much of an issue getting the slate produced.

Word is according to unnamed industry sources, the first batch of touch panels for the Amazon tablet is likely to exceed 1.5 to 2 million and has been scheduled for September.

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