Best Weight Loss Exercises & Diets via Training Apps

Is the world getting slightly lazy thanks to new technology? There are more cars, gamers, and many more people are using the Internet these days and as a result the pounds are piling on. Yes we could all go to the gym but this option could potentially be an expensive one, but thanks to many training apps out there for iOS and Android devices you could save quite a lot of money.

We have compiled some of the best apps for weight loss exercises and diets; we have just put a few together to give you an idea of what there is available for you mobile phone.

First up is ‘Calorie Tracker’ for both Android (Android Market) and iOS (iTunes) devices, this application the largest database of food and restaurant items as well as customized daily calorie intake based on your goals, plus you can track daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake.

Next up is something a little more exciting, the app called ‘CardioTrainer’ is available via the Android Market and offers so much, Main features include Free Weight Loss Trainer and Calorific diet add-ons, Seamlessly tracks indoor/outdoor activities – calories, GPS, pedometer, Integrated voice output & music player, Workout schedule with reminders, Friend activity feed to motivate you, Heart rate monitor, First mobile Google Health partner, Racing, high score, CardioTrainer Pro with interval workouts and much more.

The ‘Lose It’ app via iTunes is very simple to use, this is a great free app where you can set your own goals and succeed weight loss. All you need to do is set yourself a reasonable daily calorie budget and this app will help you meet them. Main features include so much, here are just a few: Setup recipes for more complicated foods, Track nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more, Quickly add to your log with previous meals, my foods, and other shortcuts, Works with or without a network connection and so much more.

Accelerate Weight Loss via iTunes is an iOS app; it lets users know all they need to know about weight loss, obesity, and dieting. Forget those magic pills they are not needed, learn how to succeed in weight loss, main app features include: Collection to Accelerate Weight Loss, User Friendly Navigation, Share any Tips to your family and friends and No Internet connection required.

product-reviews.net found a really good app called ‘Weight Loss Tips’, this application via iTunes gives you over 100 different ways to lose weight and shows you how to feel better within yourself and of course healthier. The app covers things such as what you should do before you sit down to eat, what are the best foods, is counting calories a good or bad thing, plus so much more.

These are just a few apps out of thousands that are available; please do let us know if you are using any of the above apps as we would love your personal reviews. If you know of a great weight loss 7 diet app that is good, please do let us know in the commenting area provided below.

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