Cardio Versus Weight Training Apps for Fat Loss

There are many cardio and weight training apps that helps fat loss for Android and iOS devices, but what one is favoured the most? We will put a few apps together; cardio and weight training apps for both iOS and Android devices listed below.

The first cardio iOS app via iTunes is called “Walkmeter GPS Walking Stopwatch for Fitness and Weight Loss” the main features of this app includes: Remote control using your earphone remote, Automatic stop detection removes stopped time from your statistics, All of your workouts may be viewed by route or on a calendar, Import allows you to preload routes, Export allows you to save detail and summary information in CSV, GPX, and KML formats, Ghost racing lets you compete against your best or worst workouts, Twitter, Facebook, dailymile, and email updates, plus so much more. Walkmeter basically turns your iPhone into a GPS stopwatch; this is a great app and is recommended.

The next app via iTunes is called “iRun ORIGINAL: The Runner’s Running Log” this is a great cardio application works well for active runners. There are many runners that do not like all the bother of tracking their runs by GPS, and some do not even like carrying their iPhones whilst running. This is where this application comes into play because you can log all your details after your run, once you have logged your details it will show you important stats. Running has always been a great form of exercise for cardio training.

MySportTraining is a great cardio app via the Android Market; this app is all about getting fit. It tracks both cardio and strength workouts, it will track your indoor cardio, gym workouts, outdoor activities and much more. It will track varying sets, rest periods, super sets, RPE and equipment. Other main features include: Use the muscle chart, Log your indoor cardio and see how many calories and fat you burn, Use the integrated GPS recorder, Time and record your laps, Super-charge your fitness by tracking your cardio interval training and so much more, this app is in-depth and well worth considering.

The next Android cardio app via Android Market is “CardioTrainer”, main app features include: Seamlessly tracks indoor/outdoor activities, calories, GPS, pedometer, Integrated voice output & music player, Workout schedule with reminders, Friend activity feed to motivate you, Heart rate monitor, Racing & high score and much more.

Now we move onto weight training apps, the first Android Market application is called “JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness”. This is a very good professional bodybuilding, weight training and workout app that features: Redesigned UI for Pro version, Progress bars plus target bars for body stats, Charts for all exercises, Volume Progress Chart for all exercise, Advanced logs viewing mode, Beat your records will show you weight & reps you need to do to set a new 1RM record, Extra logs mode for individual exercise, Progress Photo Album Creation on www.jefit.com and much more.

The next Android weight training app is “Body Weight Training”, if you are looking at destroying that fat then this app might be just for you. It shows you the burst exercise system that will help burn that belly fat, help with fat loss and boost your metabolism. App Contains: How to Maximize Your Metabolism, 5 Steps to Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Back on Track, Myth of Spot Reduction, Fat Loss Owner’s Manual and 6 Steps to Beginner Fat Loss.

Weight Lifting Workouts is an iOS app available via iTunes and give you a huge guide to increasing your size through weightlifting. Main features include: Weight Lifting and General Fitness, Weight Lifting with Free Weights, Strength Training, Safety Tips for Weight Lifting, Weight Lifting for Bulk and Weight Lifting on the Road.

If you know of any apps covering cardio or weight training, which will help against fat loss or of course toning muscles please do let us know. We have only mentioned a few above but there are many more apps via iTunes and the Android Market.

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