Apple Going After Android: 2 iPhone Handsets September

With all the rumours flying around about the iPhone 5 release it all gets somewhat confusing. The general consensus is that Apple will deliver the next generation iPhone in September, although that still goes unconfirmed. Now apparently the rumour is there won’t be just one iPhone in September, but Apple will push out two iOS smartphones.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, they have heard from a source that has apparently been reliable in the past, and although most of the info has already been heard apparently this unnamed source claims Apple will put out two iPhones in September.

So here’s the gist of that info, there will be one high-end iPhone with an all-new design, (so probably the iPhone 5) and the second iOS handset will be a low-end handset to “address the cheap Android market.”

Apparently the iPod Touch will see an update in September, but there will be no mistaking the two new iPhone units and will be “immediately discernable” from each other, and that is apparently all the info the source came across with.

Currently there are of course two iPhones available the iPhone 3GS being offered on the cheap and of course the more expensive iPhone 4, so could Apple drop the 3GS and lower the price of the iPhone 4 to make that the cheaper version while the iPhone 5 takes up the high-end game?

The 9to5 Mac guys don’t believe so as they can’t see Apple slashing the price of the iPhone 4 by half just to compete against Android, so basically if Apple wants to challenge the Android market they need to deliver a whole new iPhone at a cheaper price point.

They do suggest however that the new cheaper iPhone could possible be based on the iPod Touch as Apple does shift quite a few at $229 a pop or even lower with discount. The guys suggest Apple could add a 3G baseband and GPS along with a 3 megapixel camera and almost have a low-end iPhone.

There has already been speculation that Apple might deliver an iPhone to Sprint before the festive season and specifically target Sprint’s prepaid clientele as we reported earlier, so it would seem quite feasible that Apple could deliver a cheaper iPhone along with a new high-end iPhone, but where would that put the iPhone 4?

Time to reiterate the usual, as always this is firmly in the land of speculation and unconfirmed and thus must be treated as such, as only Apple knows Apple’s plans. Will you be jumping aboard the iOS train if you can get a cheaper iPhone for roughly the same price as an Android device, or would you rather just go for the iPhone 5?

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