No HP Pre 3 for Sprint: Any Loss?

For the webOS faithful out there with the Sprint network who might be patiently awaiting the arrival of the HP Pre 3 smartphone to come and play nice on their phone waves, it appears if you have a hankering for the HP Pre 3 it looks like you are in for a bit of a disappointment as word is Sprint isn’t going to get the webOS smartphone.

According to an article over on This Is My Next, one of their “trusted sources” has informed them that the HP Pre 3 isn’t destined to play nice on Sprint and that HP has no future plans to deliver webOS devices to the carrier.

Apparently there’s no word on which side decided the HP Pre 3 wouldn’t hit Sprint, so it could have been either, but Sprint has in the past come straight out and said they were disappointed with the Pre and thus have now shifted towards the Android platform.

However, of course a “trusted source” isn’t in any way shape or form official confirmation that the HP Pre 3 will not come to Sprint as neither Sprint nor HP have commented on the matter so I figure there’s always hope for the webOS Sprint faithful to hang on to.

No doubt if the HP Pre 3 doesn’t hit the Sprint net waves the smartphone will play on some other carrier possible Verizon of AT&T, which doesn’t really help Sprint customers who may have been hoping to grab the handset but that’s the way of life in the smartphone arena.

Spec wise I’m sure you know the HP Pre 3 sports a 3.6-inch capacitive touch screen, is a slider form factor, 1.4 GHz Qualcomm MSM8x55 processor, 5 megapixel suto-focus camera with 720p video, and front facing camera.

As I mentioned earlier, the news of the HP Pre 3 not coming to Sprint is still in the land of rumour so it could be way off the mark, but if the device doesn’t surface there have been numerous rumours in the past that the HP Pre 3 will be coming to other carriers.

So if true will Sprint customers be upset that the HP Pre 3 won’t be available to them, or so you consider Sprint not offering the Pre 3 no loss at all as there are plenty other just as good smartphones, if not far better, available on the network?

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