iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche Launched

For the Apple faithful out there that perhaps have a bundle of cash they wish to dispose of they can always opt to snap up one of the expensive luxury iPhone devices out there, and another luxury iPhone 4 has now been launched by Gresso.

According to the guys over at GSMarena, Gresso has now launched a successor to the original iPhone 4 Time Machine smartphone, and is known as the iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche, one can only presume the “Lady Blanche” has been added as the device is for the ladies and comes in white.

So what does the iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche offer the ladies? Well for your small fortune you get the iPhone 4 in white lusciously decked in white diamonds and Swarovski crystals, after all, diamonds are a girls best friend right?

Also on the rear of the iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche there are three Swiss clocks that apparently will keep on ticking for a decade with one clock for London, one for Moscow and the other for New York, with decorative pearl dials, whilst the rear glass is now “solid diamond coated mineral glass.”

Just so you know, each iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche smartphone is handmade and will hit your pocket to the tune of $30,000 if you want the diamond studded model or a more reasonable $7000 if you want it decked out in Swarovski crystals.

Apparently the iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche is only available in the 16GB version though and you can of course place your order for the iOS luxury smartphone by visiting Gresso.

So there you go, if you are on the lookout for that special Christmas present for the lady in your life and can spare 7000 bucks for the Swarovski model you could always try passing it off as diamonds, I’m sure she wouldn’t notice, but if she did she probably wouldn’t say anything as it’s a present.

Or if your back account is overflowing with spare cash then you could go the whole hog and get the real deal diamond version, do you think she’s worth it? Personally even if I had the spare dosh I wouldn’t spend so much on a smartphone no matter how sparkly it was would you?

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