Apple iPad 2 Accessories: Cutesy Panda Case

Now there are numerous cases that can hold and protect your much loved and doted over Apple iPad, but most offer a sleek design, or hardwearing toughness, and then there is of course the rather plain Apple Smart Cover, but what we have below for your consideration is what could be described as a cutesy case for your Apple iPad 2.

The Apple iPad 2 accessory is brought to our attention by Chip Chick, and is the Panda Ipad case for both the original Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 and is part of the “Animals of Hooby Groovy Land” collection.

Obviously the iPad case is in the shape of one of the world’s most adorable animals, the Panda, and in Chip Chick’s words is “sweeter than sweet, and would even put Hello Kitty ‘s Apple case selection to shame.”

The Panda case for iPad even has ears, arms and a pocket and has been manufactured in high-quality 2mm felt and closes via a closure tab with hooks and hoop fixing at the top of the case, while the rear pocket is designed to hold pens, CDs, a notebook and such.

The Panda case for the iOS tablets also features hooks and loop closure on its hands, which is suggested as ideal for storing your headphones when not in use, while there is an opening at the bottom of the case so you can charge the device with the case in place.

I would imagine the Panda case for iPad is targeted towards the young school goer or for those adults that love wildlife, but as for protection, perhaps that 2mm felt isn’t the ideal protection for your beloved Apple iPad, but it will definitely make it look cutesy.

So how much will the Panda case for iPad set you back? Well you can pick one up from Etsy for $54.95 but you’ll need to allow 1 to 3 weeks shipping as each case is handmade upon purchase, and if you really love the Panda case for iPad you can get an identical for your iPhone for $34.95 so they match, how sweet.

However if you don’t go much on Pandas there are others in the Animals of Hooby Groovy Land collection including a Goomba case, Yoshi case and Super Mushroom case for both the iPad and iPhone.


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