Google Plus iPhone App Now Live, Your Reviews: Update

Just a quickie: At last Apple has approved the Google Plus iPhone app, yes it is now live and ready for you all to install. Apple took their time approving this application but finally iOS users can get to grips with it.

The new Google+ app for iPhone allows users to share what they want with the new social network that has now got well over 10-million account users.

Main features include Circles where you can share all the right things with people, you can also check out stream updates from your circles and see what people are saying or up to.

The app also has ‘Huddles’ where users can group-message everyone in their circles, please remember that Google+ is for users who are 13 and older.

We published an article yesterday titled “Apple, release Google Plus app or Android will be successor” (Read Here), one of our readers said “I am an iPhone 4 user and I really thought many times since the Android App release, that my next Phone will be an Android if Apple is holding back the G+ App for much longer. Your assumptions are not that wrong.”

Seeing that Apple has made the Google+ iPhone app live for all to use, we can see the new social network becoming more and more busier, streams will be coming in very fast indeed now.

This app will work on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. The app is free and we would love to know if you are happy it is available.

If you are already on Google+ please do add me to your circles — Visit me via my Google+ Profile.

To download the app please visit iTunes for more information, everyone that installs it please come here and let us know when you have, you never know I might add you to my circles.

UPDATE: According to someone via my Google+ circle, the iPhone app has not yet hit the US App Store, can I have verification on this please.

UPDATE 2: The Google+ app has had a update, these include

What’s New in Version

– Better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle
– Better support for attaching photos to a post
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements


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    1. lmao – I really hope this isn’t a complaint or intended to be a deterrent to others; you are basically saying “Bah! This suxors! This beta service doesn’t work on my as-of-yet-unreleased beta OS on my phone!”


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