Android Honeycomb Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad K1 Tablets Handled On Video

There’s a couple of new Android tablets been launched from Lenovo called the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet with both slates coming out to play running the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system, and we have a couple of hands-on videos of the Android tablets for your viewing consideration below.

The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad tablet hands-on footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Slash Gear and combined deliver just over six minutes of checking out both Android slates along with a look at the Lenovo Android App Shop.

Yes folks, Lenovo has their very own Android application store that can be found on both the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad tablets and runs alongside the official Android Market, with the Lenovo App Shop offering handpicked selected apps that have been checked for compatibility with both slates, and have Lenovo’s approval.

The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 tablet although seeming a new device has actually been available for several months already in China under the name of the Lenovo LePad, and offers a 10.1-inch touch screen, 1GB RAM, WiFI, 1GHz Tegra 2 dual core processor, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options, 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera, and is 13.3mm thick.

As for the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet, again a 10-inch slate but with physical buttons on the front, much like if you snapped off the display from a Lenovo notebook and is a tad thicker than the IdeaPad K1 at 14mm thick. The ThinkPad also offers something similar to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, in the form of a keyboard dock called the ThinkPad Tablet keyboard Folio along with a stylus although the stylus will cost you an extra $30 on top of the $499 price of the slate.

Of the two slates the guys say that the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is the most distinctive while the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 may struggle due to the Lenovo custom user interface not being as comprehensive or extensive enough, but they do promise a more in-depth review of both tablets when they get review units.

So I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to mash those play buttons and check out the hands-on with the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and Lenovo ThinkPad tablets, and feel free to let us know if either Honeycomb slate grabs your attention and interest…enjoy.

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