O2 Media UK Smartphone Services: Subway food voucher campaign

Late Night Quickie: O2 is always offering its customers special deals on mobile phones, and yesterday they announced its new launch of a scannable smartphone discount voucher campaign for Subway, you know the place that does tasty food.

This is all part of the “O2 More” location-based texting service ‘You Are Here’, O2 customers will be able to redeem MMS discount vouchers and all they need to do is scan their mobile smartphones or tablet devices in Subway stores across the UK.

The O2 More campaign allows the company to directly track redemption figures from the offer and the ‘You Are Here’ is O2 Media’s location-based texting service, and this works by alerting O2 users to the latest Subway stores stunning offers via text messages when they are near the store.

This brilliant technology works in conjunction with ‘geo-fences’ which are set up around Subway Stores; when a customer* enters the target area they automatically receive an MMS.

O2 Media head of O2 More, Tom Hosking said ““Subway has a great attitude to mobile and partnering with such a recognisable brand that is devoted to contactless technology has allowed us the chance to offer this industry first in voucher redemption. Completing the whole customer journey by being able to offer redemption figures to our clients is an important breakthrough for O2 Media.”

If you would like to receive these vouchers for Subway customers do need to be a part of the O2 More programme, this is an add-on service. The O2 More service offers you much more than just the above, for more information about this cool service please visit this web page.

If you are already on the O2 More service, please let us know what it means to you and what offers you has had so far.

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