Wesley Snipes Julius Styles The International iOS game: August release: Video Update

The new iOS Wesley Snipes game called “Julius Styles: The International” by Lapland Studios official app release is August 11; it will be released in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad on this date.

The Wesley Snipes game is action packed and full of adventure, and we will download Julius Styles: The International as soon as it is release just to check it out. As said above this application is going to be released for the Apple iPhone and iPad, which is great news.

The game features both international spy and security specialist characters and actor Wesley Snipes has played them sort of characters, the game is quite thrilling according to the creators and offers players to go deep into the treacherous world of economic espionage, Julius is a ‘Facilitator’, an economic hitman, Wesley Snipes is the voice behind Julius Styles.

To make the right decisions it is all about unorthodox methods, cutting-edge computer skills, infiltrates governments, rapid-fire mind and much more, have you got what it takes?

The game has been built with isometric 3D style Julius Styles, when the game releases in August the player will have to solve puzzles, gather information, collect things and create weapons and tools.

Wesley Snipes Julius Styles: The International game will be release in the App Store on the release date given above,

Lapland Studios, in association with Elstree Studio Productions, Red 27 Films and Maandi Media Holdings, are you looking forward to this new game release for you iPhone and Apple iPad? With many new awesome games coming out, we say the graphics, gameplay and the length of the game will determine if this game is good or not.

For more information please visit Lapland Studios Whilst you sit back and wait for the official release on August 11, 2011 why not head on down to the commenting area below and let us know what you favourite game is for the iPhone or iPad.

The are so many games on in the App Store and for this new game to do well it has to be different, will it really be that different to entice gamers. All we can say is; if the game turns out to be poor you may as well say game over for Wesley Snipes, but then again when was the last movie he made.

Please let us know of you are looking forward to the new game, once it has been released and you have played with it please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks

UPDATE: Today we’ve got the debut trailer for Lapland Studios’ soon-to-be-released iOS title, Julius Styles: The International featuring Wesley Snipes.

Download the trailer here: www.sandboxstrat.com/JuliusStyles_teaser.zip (21mb)

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