Android & BlackBerry Future Release Devices For Sprint Outed

So if you are one of the Sprint network faithful that would like to know just what mobile devices Sprint has on the cards for future release, we just might be able to help you out in that area as apparently a leaked Sprint document has hit the net waves that shows off what the carrier is expecting to release over the coming months.

The Sprint document somehow found its way into the hands of Brief Mobile who have done the deed by sharing the info with all and includes Samsung, Motorola, and BlackBerry smartphones.

So what is gleaned for said document is that the Samsung D600, also known as the Samsung Conquer is expected to release as of the 31st of August, and will replace the Kyocera Zio, while the Motorola MB855, also known as the Motorola Photon 4G is scheduled for release sometime in the summer, although no exact date is given.

The Samsung Intercept is on its way out and will be replaced by the Kyocera KYC5120 in black, a device that is expected to also run the Android operating system and expected on the 11th of September along with the Kyocera KYS3015 in grey, which will replace the LG Remarq.

There’s also several new BlackBerry smartphones on the Sprint list, the BlackBerry Bold 3, BlackBerry Bold 9930 minus camera, and the BlackBerry 9850, the BlackBerry Curve 4 and BlackBerry Curve 4 in purple, all expected to be released on the 9th of September.

On said Sprint list there’s also mention of a Motorola XT630 device, with a release date of the 2nd of October, however there doesn’t appear to be any information on what this Motorola device is apart from it has passed WiFi certification.

Lastly there looks to be a new mobile tablet coming onto the market in the form of the ZTE V55 tablet that is expected to see release sometime in the first quarter of 2012 and again there are no real hard details on just what the new tablet might offer.

And that’s about your lot; so now you know just what devices are expected to come out to play on the Sprint network and when, so if you are one of the Sprint faithful, do any of these devices capture your interest?


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