iOS Devices Gain Flash Content Via Mobixell Seamless Access 5

A leading provider of rich media mobile data solutions, Mobixell Network has now announced the availability of their clientless solution that enables the viewing of Adobe Flash video content on the iPhone and the Apple iPad, and the solution is called Mobixell Seamless Access 5.

The Mobixell Seamless Access 5 solution is the firm’s flagship product that enables mobile operators to deliver Adobe Flash video to subscribers, and the solution represents a competitive advantage for mobile operators who can now champion the solution for a problem that irritates many high-value customers when content is not supported by their devices.

Apparently the lack of Adobe Flash on iOD devices had caused operator problems in the past with subscribers holding the operator responsible for the issue.

Over the last 4 years, tens of millions of mobile customers have chosen mobile operators based on their desire for an Apple iPhone or iPad. With more than 200 million devices running Apple iOS, customers’ expectations have been high as they’ve taken delivery of some of the most advanced and intuitive mobile devices ever invented. But expectations are not met when customers find they cannot watch video or browse many popular sites on their devices because their device does not support Adobe Flash.

The VP of marketing for Mobixell, Noam Green says, “Being able to deliver Adobe Flash video content on Apple iOS devices gives mobile operators a great competitive advantage by improving the user experience for their most valuable customers. Mobixell Seamless Access runs on the operator’s network. So, mobile operators can hand over control of the video viewing experience to their customers without payment or complications: just a smooth, uninterrupted browsing, navigating and viewing experience.”

Most of the streamed video content available today uses Adobe Flash tech and with Mobixell Seamless Access, now subscribers can not only view video content but will also be able to browse websites which make use of Adobe Flash animation technology without downloading apps.

The Seamless Access 5 clientless solution performs real-time server-side adaptation of Adobe Flash video content to the format supported by the Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol. This helps mobile operators to ensure consistently high quality of experience for all subscribers.

And just so you can see the Mobixell Seamless Access 5 solution in action we have a demonstration video for your viewing consideration below, so don’t forget to check that out…enjoy.

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