Invite to Google Plus: 150 Invites Left So Hurry: Update

Google has made it very simple indeed to invite more people to its new social network Google+, they have made a few changes allowing users to invite people with a simple click. So we thought we would give you the chance to join in.

This new update allows users to share Google+ invites by sharing a simple URL link, I have 150 invites to share with my readers and by clicking the link you can sign up instantly to the Google Plus social network.

I can still invite the normal way by putting your email in the required field but I have stopped doing this as get to many emails and was only doing for a set period time.

Google is now limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now, Google+ is still in beta and no word has been confirmed of when it will release to the public, this still remains a mystery, but the growth has been immense and still growing with over 20-million users.

You Ready? I will personally share my 150 invites with Phones review readers; you have to be very QUICK because these will go so fast. All you need to do for the invite is click here please do follow me Mark Chubb to your Circles. So far 682 people have added me to their Circles, would be great to see more. Have fun, be quick and click the link above for your invite.

UPDATE: ALL 150 INVITES BEEN USED, SORRY. Please come back tomorrow and we might have a few more for you. Be patient please, thank you

UPDATE 2: Today is another bright day for 150 more readers, I have another 150 invites on a first come first serve basis, for more information please visit this page.


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