Barnes and Noble HP TouchPad Tablet, Wait for Android Port: Update

Update: Barnes and Noble is now showing “Out of Stock” on its site for the HP TouchPad.

The HP TouchPad Tablet is getting a lot of attention of late and Barnes and Noble are the latest to offer this tablet at a very low price. Many online retailers are selling this device on the cheap, and seeing as WebOS is basically non-existent this tablet is becoming a device to buy.

Barnes and Noble is offering the HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz (Black) for only $101.95, see more about this online deal over on the official Barnes & Noble website.

We previously announced that Best Buy was offering the HP TouchPad with low prices but both 16 and 32GB were out of stock, Best Buy was offering the 16GB for $99 and $149 for the 32GB, the 16GB was all sold out and the 32GB was out of stock.

The question we have for you is “Will you buy the HP TouchPad or will you wait for the new Android port aka TouchDroid?”

Phones Review Colleague James reported earlier this morning that the a team is apparently prepping a new Android Port for the tablet, if this is true then the tablet could see an Android 2.3 Gingerbread ported, personally it would be more inviting to see the new Ice Cream Sandwich port once released, ok dream on but worth a thought.

I had already mentioned that the HP TouchPad device needs Android to survive, looks like we hit on something because someone has acted upon the Android port, obviously this would be fantastic if the Touchdroid Project team exists.

Please let us know if you have the HP TouchPad Tablet, we would love to know what you think about the device and would definitely love to know if an Android port is something of interest to you. Thanks


7 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble HP TouchPad Tablet, Wait for Android Port: Update”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bought one Saturday at BestBuy even though I have a Tab 10.1. The Touch is very heavy and clunky compared to the Tab. The Touch operating system and U.I have
    good points but now I breathlessly await the porting to Android O.S.

    I purchased 4 of them for Christmas presents at 7:30am and received my confirmation email stating that my purchase was completed.

    tonight, I receive an email informing me that they made a mistake and will not be sending me the touchpad and did not offer any kind of replacement. talk about a huge letdown. I will no longer purchase another item from this company, rest assured.

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