More Samsung Galaxy Goodness Coming Sept 1

Phones Review Quickie: You may or may not be aware that Samsung will be holding an event on the 1st of September, however up until now just what was expected at that event has been somewhat of a mystery, but it appears that some details on what Sammy goodness can be expected during the event has come to light.

According to the guys over at Unwired View buy way of This Is My Next, there is an image hidden is old Sammy’s Android Unpacked application that actually shows off what devices are coming out of the Samsung camp.

According to said image it appears that Samsung has three new devices in store for unveiling at that event, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 and the Samsung Wave 3.

So here’s what the rumour on these devices is, the Samsung Galaxy 7.7 is likely to be the successor to the Android slate the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and will apparently be an Android Honeycomb tablet with obviously a 77-inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note still remains a mystery as no one really has a clue what the Galaxy Note is, it could be another Android Honeycomb slate or on the other hand could well be an Android smartphone, we probably won’t know until the September 1st event.

The Samsung Wave 3 is obviously rumoured to be old Sammy’s newest Bada OS flagship smartphone and although the device will run Bada 2.0, again nothing else is known when if comes to specifications.

So basically although we now know that Samsung will probably unveil all three devices on Sept 1, we won’t know anything about said devices until then, so we’ll be keeping our eyes open on the 1st of September to pass along whatever information on these that comes to light.

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