BlackBerry PlayBook Sees Price Cut From Best Buy

Everyone would love to pay less for their tech gear, you only have to look at how fast the HP TouchPad flew off shelves once it hit that 99 buck price tag, and although not as drastic a price cut as the HP TouchPad, the BlackBerry PlayBook has now received a price cut with Best Buy.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, Best Buy has started a promotional offer whereby they have slashed the price of the RIM slate by up to $150, and as they say any saving is a good saving especially in these rough economic times.

So here’s how the promotion goes, if you are looking for the 16GB or 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook you’ll get a $50 discount, which means the price for the 16GB model drops from $499.99 down to $449.99 while the 32GB version falls from 599.99 down to $549.99.

To take advantage of that $150 saving you’ll be required to purchase the 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook, so rather than cough up $699.99 you now only have to hand over $549.99, so basically if you are thinking about getting the 32GB you might as well opt for the 64GB at the same price.

It seems a tad strange to me as to why Best Buy has made the 32GB and 64GB the same price tag as I would have thought there would have been some differentiation between the two, but perhaps Best Buy have more of the 64GB tablet they wish to shift.

However, if you are contemplating purchasing one of the lower priced Research In Motion tablets then you’ll have to move reasonably quick as the promotional offer is only on for a limited period and runs until the 5th of this month.

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