iPhone 5 Lost Prototype Story Gets Even More Confusing

Well we know it can happen as it has happened before a year ago, and the rumours was it happened again with an Apple employee supposedly losing a prototype of the iPhone 5 in a bar in San Francisco, but then a report claimed there were holes in the original story and that officers of the Sans Francisco police department didn’t attend with Apple investigators to gat back the missing iOS smartphone and no police report existed.

However, this story gets more confusing with what appears to be by SF Weekly, a retraction of their earlier report whereby they reported the police didn’t attend the residence in Bernal Heights, and it apparently turns out that they did.

Apparently Lt. Troy Dangerfield, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department, has confirmed that “three or four” officers accompanied two Apple investigators to the address, but apparently Dangerfield says that said officers did not enter the house of 22-year old Sergio Calderón.

The word is the cops remained outside while the Apple investigators searched the guy’s home, car, and computer files but found no evidence of the missing iPhone 5.

Apparently Sergio Calderon told SF Weekly that “six badge wearing visitors” visited his home back in July but none of them claimed to be from Apple, however one of them did apparently offer Calderón 300 bucks for the return of the device with a promise that the owner would not press charges.

Calderón further claims that one of the visitors inquired about his family’s immigration status, and said, “One of the officers is like, ‘Is everyone in this house an American citizen?’ They said we were all going to get into trouble.”

One of the people who visited the location left their phone number with Calderón, which was subsequently traced back to Apple investigator Anthony Colon, who declined to comment on the matter.

So was the iPhone 5 prototype lost or wasn’t it? Well judging by this latest story it appears that once again Apple has a faux pars on their hands and one missing next generation iPhone prototype, whether they actually manage to retrieve that lost iPhone remains to be seen.

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