iPhone 5 Has 1GB RAM and iOS Assistant Feature Apparently: Update

We all expect Apple to dish the dirt on the next iPhone on the 4th of October at their campus in Cupertino, and apparently word has hit the net waves with a couple of more details on what one can expect when Apple finally pushes out the iPhone 5.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, the guys at 9to5 Mac have heard from a source “familiar with the SOC’s manufacturing,” that the iPhone 5 will come out to play packing 1GB of RAM and the Apple iPad 2 processor the A5 that is essential for a feature called iOS Assistant, which is apparently an Assistant voice control system.

Word is the iOS Assistant will be just for the iPhone 5 due to the RAM and processor in the iPhone 4 and predecessors being insufficient to run the Siri tech, and that the iPhone 5 will be a world phone as previously rumoured.

Apparently this iOS Assistant will be a “true natural language spoken control system,” which is said to be capable of sending such natural instructions as “Remind me that I need to pick up my dry cleaning later,” and “Send Bob a text to say I’ll see him at 5pm,” sound like a neat bit of tech doesn’t it.

It’s said that the new tech is faster to load than the present voice control system, and shows the users interaction with the assistant in a “conversation view.” It’s apparently based on SMS style bubbles, but only between the user and the iPhone 5 with each instruction, reply and clarification shown in new conversation bubbles.

Furthermore, making it easier for hands free usage while walking or driving, reactions from the device are both spoken aloud and shown on screen, and apparently “Find My Friends” is integrated enabling the user to ask such questions s “Where’s Paul?”

As for just what the iPhone 5 actually looks like, well currently that’s anyone’s guess, however according to the unnamed tipster all the above has been wrapped up nicely in a “slick unobtrusive UI.”

Of course this all come via an unconfirmed source so it could be just rumour, but I figure as October the 4th isn’t that far off it isn’t too long to have to wait until we’ll know for sure; that is of course if the speculation is right and Apple does unveil the iPhone 5.

UPDATE: Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Event Date & Time: Excited

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