Droid 3 update (5.6.890) includes Google Talk with video

More good news for got Motorola Droid customers, you will be very happy to know that the new Droid 3 update (5.6.890) includes Google Talk with video and more.

The new Droid 3 update is now rolling out, all you need to do is head on over to your devices Settings the About Phone and the System updates, once you have done this you will find the new update there.

This new update as said above brings Google Talk with video; battery life may have been got a little better thanks to a number of bug fixes.

Apparently the new update gives around 30 bug fixes, and by doing this should help the Blur more stable according to Droid-Life.

Other than that above there is now much to tell you, so this is where we here at Phones Review hand the rest over to you. Please do let us know if you have downloaded the new Droid 3 update (5.6.890), all that you can tell us would be a great help, please do use the commenting area below to tell you.

Did the download go smoothly, is it a good or bad update, has it helped you, will you not bother downloading at all? There are so many questions we would love to ask you, but it makes more sense to allow you to have your own say in the comments area below. Thanks


6 thoughts on “Droid 3 update (5.6.890) includes Google Talk with video”

  1. Everything is faster. Sent a message, Played a game, made a call, opened a very busy webpage, voice searched a navigate to, and everything worked better than ever and much snappier. I’m very impressed. Time will tell about the battery. fyi, I use Launcher Pro and it didn’t change anything on it except make it snappier as well.
    +1 this.

  2. Artistman75 says:

    Downloaded via wifi and took no more than 2 or 3 minutes. I’ll have to see about performance,
    what I would like to see fixed the blue hue of the camera.

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