Apple iPhone 5 2011 Event Live Stream Keynote in UK

There is great news just in that the Covent Garden retail store in London will be closing very early on Tuesday, the reason for this is all down to Apple iPhone 5 event “Let’s Talk iPhone” and its live stream coverage in UK store.

The Apple media event 2011 starts at 10am Pacific Time (6pm GMT in the UK) on October 4th. The world will be watching this one as so will we.

The main event will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California, so if you do not live within the United States everyone will miss out on the live event, well that was the case up until now.

If you visit MacRumors they report that the Apple Store in London’s Covent Garden will be closing early, the store will be holding a live Apple keynote stream. The Covent Garden Store will be hosting a keynote-streaming event next Tuesday 4th October, and because of this the store will be closing at 3.30pm to host this.

The store normally closes at 9PM that means it will be closing 6 hours early to host this press-only event next week.

To know what time the Apple media 2011 event starts in your country, please check out the “Worldwide Time Table”.

The big event of the year will unveil the iPhone 5, iOS 5 plus a few other bits, well we hope they announce the iPhone 5 and we say this because the event has been titled “Let’s Talk iPhone”, but what iPhone are they really talking about, could be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S or just to throw us of a little a completely different named iPhone. Time will tell and we will be covering all the hot news on October 4.

Please do join us for more hot news as it comes in. What are you expecting to come via the event on Tuesday?

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