iPhone 4S will have Nexus Prime Fight

Ah the disappointment that has followed Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 4S, an old iPhone 4 with a few upgraded features does not a new product make, and there are many out there that won’t be picking up the iPhone 4S I’m sure, and with Android constantly snapping at the iPhone heels perhaps Apple now has an even bigger fight on their hands to keep the iPhone faithful.

No redesigned iPhone 5 unveiling has let many of Apple’s following down, and this leaves an opening for Android, especially when the Nexus Prime is on the horizon, and an Android smartphone that will definitely now be considered an iPhone 4S challenger.

Judging from numerous comments what the Apple following was really looking forward to with the iPhone 5 was a larger display, something the iPhone 4S obviously doesn’t offer, and still carries the same old tired 3.5-inch display, whereas Android devices have been packing larger displays for quite some time, even my year-old Samsung Galaxy S has a 4-inch display, so I can understand the iOS faithful’s disappointment.

The iPhone 4S offers a dual core A5 processor, yet Android device have carried a dual core processor for quite some time also, so with the iPhone 4S Apple is still playing the catch-up game.

The Samsung Nexus Prime is said to offer a 4.65-inch display, TI OMAP dual core processor, 8 megapixel rear facing camera, 2 megapixel front facing camera, 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, and of course Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

So, in comparison the iPhone 4S has an 8MP camera, so does the Nexus Prime, the iPhone 4S has a dual core processor, so does the Nexus Prime, the iPhone 4S has a 3.5-inch display, the Nexus Prime beats with a 4.65-inch, the iPhone 4S has iOS 5, the Nexus Prime will have Android 4.0 along with NFC and 4G LTE something the iPhone 4S lacks.

So all in all you tell me whether the iPhone 4S has a fight on its hands with the upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime, I know what I think, Apple has opened the door a little bit more for Android dominance; so feel free to share your opinions to our comments area below.

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6 thoughts on “iPhone 4S will have Nexus Prime Fight”

  1. zach hauser says:

    I’m disappointed by the surface-level analysis and false comparisons in this article. No wonder average consumers are confused. Most tech blogs compare specs without explaining real world implications and UK phone review websites gloss over the tech blogs main points making a mess of an already bad article.

    The iPhone 4S is a redesigned phone on the hardware order of the 3GS to the 4, with the caveat of it kept its shell looking the same.

    4G real world speeds are in many cases EQUAL or SLOWER than the 3G, HSDPA/HSPA+ chip in the new iPhone 4S. Furthermore companies (not as much in the UK provided) conflate 3G and 4G technologies so they can call a 2nd or 3rd generation 3G chip, a 4G one…most “4G” phones on the market are actually HSPA+ phones anyway with a zealous marketing department.

    The iPhone display while reminding 3.5″ is still the most high resolution display on the market and no one will objectively tell you it looks tired just because it’s not over 4 inches.

    Focusing only on megapixels in your camera assertions shows that you don’t understand even half of what makes a good picture, and it’s not complicated…lenses, IR filter (to keep colors uniform and not tinted), aperture (capturing light, a fairly important concept in photos)…just to name the big ones.

    NFC is still in it’s infancy, along with proper REAL 4G. Outside of Japan and possibly Korea no one is/has been using NFC on a large level, and this won’t change much in the short term. Real 4G (LTE in the example) doesn’t even have an agreed upon implementable voice protocol yet, only data so far.

    The upcoming Nexus will certainly bring an alphabet soup of technology, just like your Galaxy and the newer Galaxy II phones, and the next iteration of Android will no doubt be better. In fact the Galaxy II phones gets some pretty interesting and educated reviews, for example from AnandTech.

    If you must write an article about a phone fight, please take the time to speak fairly and clearly about how much the things you mention actually matter and what they mean to end users. Let’s leave the hype to your local uninformed news team and keep the sites dedicated the phone reviews on the up and up.

    1. Please… As an Apple fan I was really hoping for something better. You can’t defend the 4S, it isn’t excuseable. That 3.5″ screen DOES look tired, especially when the upcoming Nexus Prime is apparantly going to be packing the same DPI on a 4.65″ screen.

      Tough choice to make now.

      1. um i prefer 4 inch not 4.5 i think 3.5 is reasonable apple does not want fragmentation like android phones and the choice is quite easy had iPhone 3gs getting iPhone 4s  its simple specs don’t matter if there is no optimization what good is the hardware specs only get you to certain extent there that wasn’t a tough decision now was it god that was a pathetic comment

  2. Duartejvmendonca says:

    Zach Houser, the comment made by this site’s author was humble in terms that it wasn’t meant to destroy Apple and left to the readers the chance of developing the subject with their opinions/research, so that people like yourself can help us get a little bit more educated on the matter. I still think though that you are being a bit bias. The screen subject you have no valid arguments. Apple is getting behind… and most of their upcoming stuff was already in the market. Yes, the camera have indeed got significant changes… but I don’t buy a phone mainly because of it’s camera. For common users, even a 3.2mpixels from a nokia will do the job!

    The thing about Apple (with most of their products) is that you are buying an outstanding brand and getting access to excellent costumer service, while getting your hands in what has set the trend for phones/laptops/mp3 players in the world. Nexus Prime can be miles away better than iPhone, but people have in the back of their heads that they want the Jobs creation… and nothing will change that for now, unless they get disappointed, which is something very unlikely to happen because these phones have the ability to correspond to our every demand!

  3. Gob says:

    The Iphone 4s is no doubt the fastest phone currently on the market, when it comes to benchmarks, now the huge discrepancy in benchmarks, is more due to the OS, pretty much not allowing multiple apps to run at the same time. this makes the OS lighter weight. But benchmarks being benchmarks don’t really tell the whole story. Still as it stands IOS5 and the 4s are fast, no doubt about it. but with windows phone 7.5 having been out for a while and smoother than a babies bottom dripped in vaseline I am pretty sure ICS will fix androids short comings when it comes to  general usage responsiveness. 

    The display on the IPhone 4/s is very nice to look at, the resolution increase is more important than the size increase, but given both like the nexus prime, and it is pretty clear who the winner is. now the amoled display on the nexus phones is far superior to any LCD in terms of brightness, contrast, and just sheer brilliance. Which makes me jealous of samsung because I have been sticking with HTC. Again this give the nexus prime a huge edge in display.

    Cameras, cell phone cameras….. really…. 95% of users don’t care past “this picture looks good enough to put on facebook” and the other 5% wouldn’t dream of using a phone as a proper camera.  talking about lenses and sensors and such in these silly little things is rather well  silly. Yes there are small differences and little tweaks that make a facebook picture look that tiny bit better, but as soon as cameras gained focusing lenses they were all more than usable for what they were meant for. show me the same picture from two modern smart phones and I will show you the exact same problems with both of them.  the only exception here would be the Nokia N8, but it’s still just a cellphone camera.

    LTE connectivity is HUGE the reason the 4s doesn’t have it is because it isn’t as widespread as a phone like the iphone 4s needs it to be to adopt it. I don’t know what you’re smoking if you think LTE goes the same speeds as HSPA+, you’ve obviously never used LTE or even watched a video.

    alas a good HSPA+ connection will suffice for most users, and generally has no problem streaming HD youtube content… really what more do you need, 99% of apps are under 10MB 
    but why shoot yourself in the foot with that weird 3G is better speech zach. that’s just ridiculous. Please dont’ talk about speaking fairly right after doing the exact opposite.

    then with the increased B.S. about they had to put a larger screen to fit their circuits…. REALLY???? samsung makes the A5 where do you get your info from? and thinner… can I have some of that stuff that you’re smoking the galaxy s II 8.5 mm thick, but seriously what the hell is the difference when we are talking about a couple mm. not to mention the fact that the battery can be removed in well anything but the IPhone. for that I would trade a couple mm if I had to.

    anyway IPhone 4s is a great phone sure, but I’ve never met anyone with an IPhone who wasn’t completely impressed with Android 2.2+ most IPhone uses are still first time smartphone users. and IPhone is great for that, it’s super simple and can still do a lot of stuff…. just so long as you do it apples way…

    my friend just got his IPhone 4s today, he is not tech savvy and the phone works for him and he is used to it due to a 3gs, funny he is not a fan boy just today happened to be the day he needed a new phone (thanks to IOS5 crashing his 3gs.)

    I asked him why he went for another IPhone, and he said, because I need it to access the weather websites., what he doesn’t know is that all modern smartphones can do that, nor does he know about any other smartphones, he knows there are other OS’s, but knows nothing about them.

    Apples marketing was the real the reason he bought an IPhone 4s. Or at least the lack of comparable marketing from competitors. 

    That is one place I believe we can all agree that Apple simply has the best.

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