HP TouchPad Gets Android Through IPK file test app

Are you looking for a little more news covering the HP TouchPad with some Android flavour? Yes of course you are! You will be happy to know that there is a new WebOS application package or IPK file being tested that will allow Android to run on the HP TouchPad.

This new test app has been developed by a Chinese developer aka pseudonym Chomper, We have already reported that you can now dual-boot Android / WebOS by using the latest ACME Installer For CM7 (CyanogenMod 7), and now we have more great news.

If you have the HP TouchPad and install this new IPK then Android will run on the tablet, it does not mean that Android will be within the HP TouchPad, but its does mean that you could run the app as if it was on the tablet.

You can download this new IPK via here; if you do try this out please let us know how it goes. We here at Phones Review always say: Download at your own risk; we are not responsible for your action as we only supply the news.

Engadget has posted an article explaining that once it is installed on the TouchPad it runs smoothly, you must be warned that multi touch nor audio works, there is also a few issues with bouncing between home screens or playing YouTube videos.

We will keep a close eye on this; in the meantime if you have tried this out we would love to hear from you. HP TouchPad with Android is a must have, and since the TouchPad had its fire sale and then went non-existent it has been one of the most sought after products of the year.

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