iOS 5, Apple TV & iPhone gaming, the perfect marriage

iOS 5 is releasing to the public October 12, yes that is this Wednesday. We just wish to let you know a little about its perfect marriage with the iPhone and the Apple TV when it comes to gaming.

We all know about the cool AirPlay mirroring feature on the iPad 2, and Product-Reviews got all done and dirty with their very own hands-on review of mirroring games on the TV they tested this when iOS 5 was in it early beta stages. They streamed their iPad to the Apple TV and results were very smooth indeed.

Now with only two days to go until iOS 5 releases to the public, it has been confirmed that the AirPlay Mirroring feature will also be available on the iPhone to Apple TV, this is just great news and we will testing it hard via the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S (On order is our iPhone 4S Black 32GB).

We will be testing many games especially Real Racing 2, cannot wait to play this game on our 50-inch full HD TV, the iPhone will be the controller syncing with our Apple TV, we said we will test on both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to see if we can see any differences within the graphics category.

Real Racing 2 has a very cool feature that allows split-screen gaming via Apple TV with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad of course. Just imaging playing your friends on multiplayer mode, this is going to be magical.

Cannot wait to see what other games will release this year, surely there are many in the bag waiting to pop out on iOS 5 release day.

Please watch the YouTube video we have embedded below of Real Racer 2, you will see the split screen action.

Source – Product-Reviews


4 thoughts on “iOS 5, Apple TV & iPhone gaming, the perfect marriage”

  1. DKC says:

    According to the Apple website, iPhone mirroring to the Apple TV2 will only be available via the iPhone 4S, not the 4.  Apparently the A5 processor is required (iPhone 4 only has the A4).  Curious to see if you find this true or not when you run your tests as noted in the article.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW, seems cool!
    And just read the iOS 5 200 new features, the ability to play 1080p vids really makes me exciting! Then maybe I don’t need to do so much converting with iFunia. Maybe could make the Apple TV to be a HTV centre. That’s so great!

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