Apple Negotiating Bringing Hollywood Movies to iCloud

The latest goings on in the Apple camp appears to be attempting to secure the right to deliver blockbuster movies to the Apple iPad and iPhone, as word has it Apple is currently in negotiations with Hollywood studios to gain right to stream movies via iCloud.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by way of The LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, the deal would enable the iOS faithful who purchase films from iTunes watch “streaming versions” of those films on their iPhone or Apple iPad without the need to transfer them.

According to the LA Times…” Representatives of the iPhone and iPad maker have been meeting with studios to finalize deals that would allow consumers to buy movies through iTunes and access them on any Apple device, according to knowledgeable people who requested anonymity because the discussions are private. The service is expected to launch in late 2011 or early 2012.”

Apparently there is also a possibility that Apple delivering content to their iOS devices from Ultraviolet streaming service, which is a consortium of technology companies and Hollywood studios that Apple isn’t yet part of and movies purchased on iTunes are not currently compatible with Ultraviolet’s system.

According to IHS Screen Digest, Apple sells more films online than any other retailer accounting for almost 66 percent of the market.

Naturally as always with anything Apple, when approached on the matter, Trudy Muller, a spokesperson for Apple declined to comment.

So as it stands Apple bringing streaming movies via iCloud to the iPhone and Apple iPad remain a rumour, but as soon as we hear more we will of course pass it on.

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One thought on “Apple Negotiating Bringing Hollywood Movies to iCloud”

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