iPhone 4S Siri with Siri-ous accent problems

The iPhone 4S and its new Siri assistant are going to be a love affair for some, and for others a complete nightmare. Siri is apparently having Siri-ous accent problems (Sorry for the pun).

We have received many emails via Phones Review readers asking the same questions about Siri understanding accents, most of the emails come via Scotland, Wales, China, and Australia, so we decided to dig down a little deeper to understand this a little more.

We visited Product Reviews and Alan Ng has reported on a few Siri accent problems that spark’s mass debates, if you can clearly speak perfect English you will be fine, check out the two videos Alan has embedded on Product Reviews.

The new Siri voice control feature will work very well if you speak clearly, the feature only supports five countries at the moment and these include UK, US, Australia, Germany and France. The two videos Alan posted includes a man from Japan and one from Gizmodo Australia, the Japanese man opens Siri and asks “what weather for today” and this failed a few times, obviously his English is not precise enough.

The man from Australia in the other video asks many different questions, such as “Do you love me?” “I’m horny”, we actually had fits of laughter when he got a reply from Siri.

We here at Phones Review are still waiting on our iPhone 4S to turn up at the front door; we will be doing many hands-on reviews.

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