iPhone 4S custom paint job with Colorware

The iPhone 4S is a success with more than 4-million units being sold in the first weekend, but they only come in either black or white. If you are one that finds this a little on the boring side, then how about a new iPhone 4S custom paint job with Colorware?

ColorWare is now offering your iPhone 4S stunning custom designs that you can make yourself, they have now added the iPhone 4S to its list and some of the design combinations look amazing.

If you would like to be different with a stunning new colour design on your iPhone 4S, you really do need to go to the bank because such custom paint jobs cost a fortune. If you would like your iPhone 4S to go under the paint tin you will need $1,500 for the 16GB model, and for the 64GB model a whopping $1,700, that then supplying the phone with the paint job.

If you would prefer to send in your own iPhone 4S, the custom pain job will only cost $250.

ColorWare offers many different colour combinations; they can change the colour of the front button, front frame, the back, SIM card tray and even the ear-buds.

For more information and prices, please visit the Colorware website.

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