Download RedSn0w 0.9.9b7 super fast jailbreak video proof

Users can now download RedSn0w 0.9.9b7 (beta 7), which is now 60 percent faster than before, this is great news as it means you can get it in super fast time. RedSn0w used to take quite a long time downloading due to the fact it stored applications on your device, but thanks to the new update slow will become the new fast.

Many jailbreak users wanted something faster, and the Dev Team acted upon this (Good boys) and released the new version 0.9.9 beta 7, if you look below this article you can watch a video of it in action, thanks to the guys over at iDB.

The new RedSn0w maybe a lot faster but on a negative point of few, you will still have to do the long process wait on the back end with Cydia.

The video shows that the jailbreak beauty is a lot quicker, and the “Moving Applications” dead-stop while waiting for the jailbreak to complete” as iDB put it, is a thing of the past. The source above points out that the downside to this is you will still have to wait a while as the task is delegated to Cydia, They say “You either perform the “stashing” during the RedSn0w jailbreak process, or let Cydia handle it on the Home screen after the jailbreak completes.”

You can still do the old fashion way by going to Extras > Preferences, and checking Move applications, to re-enable the application stashing.


2 thoughts on “Download RedSn0w 0.9.9b7 super fast jailbreak video proof”

  1. Markmutto says:

    I have done this and it works fine and the white cydia icon appears, but when i swicth off the ihone 4 to reboot it goes into recovery mode!!!!, i then have restire and update to get the phone working thi s also sometimes occurs ater downloading a cydia tweak which does require reboot ???

    can you please advise

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