Connect iPad to Baby Stroller with iStroll Kid Case

Finding new products that keep parents, kids and technology together is something we all need, so welcome to a new product called ‘iStroll Kid”. This is where users can connect the iPad to a Baby Stroller by using the new iStroll Kid Case.

The iStroll Kid allows parents to connect the Apple iPad to the baby stroller and use whilst on the move, kids can now play with apps, watch cartoons that are educational, this is fantastic if you are shopping and your child gets bored easily. The iPad connected to the stroller / Pram will keep them amused whilst the parent can get on with their errands without bother.

The iStroll Kid case simply attaches to the stroller legs, once it is in place you slide the iPad into the case, so simple but effective.

The iPad has many apps, movies that can be added, music, interactive books, the product is the best one for children to learn, why use many different devices to please and keep your child happy when you can use one device, and with the simple iStroll Kid Case this all makes it easier.

We have added a video of the iStroll Kid Case for your perusal; please do let us know what you think of this product. For more in-depth information please do visit www.istrollkid.com.

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