You got HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update in settings

If you own the HTC Thunderbolt with Verizon, you have probably been sitting there waiting a lifetime for the new Android Gingerbread update. Good news is that you should be starting to see it, but if not you will soon.

The Android Gingerbread update has started to roll out to HTC Thunderbolt smartphones, you can check to see if you have it by going to Settings>Software update>Check new.

A few HTC Thunderbolt users have already received their update according to Droid-Life, mentioning that they have now pulled the Gingerbread update build 2.11.605.5, if you have not got it already please do not worry, the Verizon servers are probably getting hammered at the moment.

This new update promises to bring a fixes to a few bugs, such as major security vulnerability and broken voicemail notifications. The update also helps with random SMS message sessions and Bluetooth security.

Just so you know, this new update build is around 146MB in size; please do let us know if you have pulled your update, thanks.


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  1. Roger says:

    Please note that if you already had installed the Gingerbread update from before, the new update that is pushed is only 18 mb.  I installed mine this afternoon and the update was quite quick and efficient.  So if you already have GB installed and had the voicemail issue, this patch fixes it (already tested it).

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